Dear Future Hoteliers,








Welcome to the webpage of Vita Futura and Finance Futura, Starwood Hotels & Resorts’ Graduate Management Programs.

The Vita Futura and Finance Futura programs are recognized as being part of the top programs for ambitious hospitality students.

It is a reference in the hospitality industry as participants tailor the program to meet their specific needs and career aspirations, they select which departments they want to work in, when and for how long taking into consideration the Business Needs of their property.

The Vita & Finance Futuras are the Future Managers of Starwood – they should have fresh insights, determination, and the leadership qualities needed for a management role in this global company.

They should be able to learn quickly, take on responsibilities, work efficiently under pressure and deliver results, always maintaining a positive attitude

Moreover, they are part of a team; they are here to learn, to gain valuable experience and contribute to the overall success of their property.

You want us to describe Vita & Finance Futura in 1 sentence? Easy.


Feel free to navigate through our different pages if you want to know more about the programs, to meet our current and upcoming classes and find out what they have been up to! 


The combination of Starwood and Marriott will create the world’s largest hotel company, and we are excited to play a vital role in the creation of the biggest and best hotel company in the world with tremendous potential. We have received many questions from our candidates, asking whether the Vita & Finance Futura program will undergo any modifications. We will soon start thinking and working to form a new Graduate Management Program which will prepare the future leader of a company of such scale and capacity. Hence, for the time being, it’s not clear if we will start the recruitment process for the Class 2017-2019 and how the program will be structured. The best way for you to stay updated is to visit the programs’ webpage









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